Tangelo’s approach to graphic design is based on business thinking, creative intelligence and a robust process.



Tangelo Creative is a graphic design agency offering strategically based design solutions for all of your brand, corporate identity, and promotional and marketing material.

Our approach to design includes  introducing rigour and discipline to the process of creating your brand, campaign or other communication.

Before we even think about creating designs, we discover the essence and important differences in your brand and define your competitive edge.

How we do it


The most effective way to find a powerful graphic design solution to any branding or communications issue is to first understand the problem in its entirety. That’s why, long before any design begins, the Tangelo team spends time researching, interrogating your past, present and future plans for growth to discover what drives your brand and its personality.


When we have an intimate understanding of your brand and where you want to take it, we define its personality in clear, positive terms, and devise a strategy for promoting your brand to your market.





We bring the strategy and insights about the market and your brand together to create a dynamic, user-friendly brand identity along with all of your printed and online marketing material – to encompass every aspect of your operation.

Why it works

We take the time to enroll your own people in the brand building process, so that your brand really does live through every aspect of your business and every interaction with your customers.  Our intention is to create a genuine difference to your brand’s growth and your profitability through quality graphic design.



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T +61 08 9430 4166

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