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BHP rebrand – a lesson in branding

After more than 30 years as BHP Billiton, it’s now just BHP. The new BHP branding strikes us as simple, strong, confident and contemporary.


Think Big newspaper ad campaign


Think Big commercial campaign screenshots


The rebrand campaign has been labelled ‘Think Big’ and here is what BHP Chief External Affairs Officer, Geoff Healy had to say about it:

“Think Big was designed to demonstrate the important role BHP plays in the Australian economy and community and more broadly in global economic growth and development.”

“In launching Think Big, we will take the opportunity to change our logo and move to a brand that Australians have known us by for generations – BHP. This abbreviated simple expression of our organisation is used colloquially around the world.”


Rebranding should always reflect a clear strategy

What strikes us about the rebrand is that it appears to be based on clear thinking and strategy about the BHP brand, what it means to customers and how the company wants to continue to position itself in the marketplace.

This is something Tangelo focuses on whenever we work with a company on their branding. Updating a logo, graphics or a website is really only worthwhile if it is underpinned and by a clear brand strategy.


By Tangelo Creative on September 14, 2017 

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