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3 branding questions


The 3 questions to ask before you embark on a rebrand.

An article written by GE Vice Chair Beth Comstock recently appeared in Fast Company. Comstock discusses how she leads a large number of diverse teams in developing new technologic advances and products at GE. Interestingly, she explains how she deliberately tries to remain “carefully uninformed” about complex issues and problems so that she can see the big picture, no matter how complex a challenge becomes. She is clear that the technical experts are much more qualified and knowledgeable than she is at developing the technical solutions.

So here are the three key questions to work through before you decide to invest time, money and other resources into developing a solution to a problem.

1. What problem are we trying to solve? Why are we here?
2. Do we really need to worry about this?
3. Why now? Why wasn’t this possible or needed before?

Comstock also points out that the answers to these questions become the plot points of a story that explains the thinking and rationale behind why the business is investing in trying to solve the problem. It can form part of a business case for funding.


How do these questions relate to branding?

Aside from considering technical or product solutions, we also see these questions as essential for every organisation considering a rebrand to answer. And to agree on. Being able to articulate the answers to these questions in a clear and simple way will help generate buy within the organisation and explain to staff at all levels why the rebrand is happening and why it’s happening now.

In our experience, internal buy-in is a critical factor to the success of a rebrand. If everyone’s not behind it, it’s unlikely to go ahead or achieve the business’ strategic objectives.

By Tangelo Creative on October 13, 2017 

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