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Eideticam is a new business established by Perth-based McDonald Surveys. Eideticam introduces new photographic technology that records a 360 view of any location or asset. The technology allows a comprehensive record of assets and the physical environment to be compiled into an easy to interrogate database. It has the potential to save companies vast sums in understanding assets and environments without having to be on site. It has wide applications for property management, construction, offshore, mining sites and civil projects.


Tangelo’s brief was to assist McDonald to name and position this new business. Following initial research, we held a naming workshop, to arrive at the name Eidecticam. Eidetic means ‘to have a photographic memory” and the ‘am’ references the idea of ‘asset management’ as well as the use of camera technology.

Once the name was decided, we moved on to creating a logo and visual identity. First, we presented several logo ideas and then narrowed it down to this one which conveys the idea of a shutter along with the multiple facets of recording many pieces of information and the 360 view. It has a modern, high-tech and interesting look which fits with the use of a new technology.


  • business naming
  • logo and brand identity
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  • stationery
  • marketing video

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