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The impact of social media on marketing in 2017

The impact of social media on marketing in 2017

Social media has made it easier to create and distribute your marketing message. You can simply post messages, images and articles anytime you want. But, do you have ‘all your ducks in a row” in terms of creating a consistent message that differentiates you from others? Are you sure this aligns with your customers and is being posted on the right channels?

“In the past, all a company had to worry about was its product or service, but today’s brands have to consider the experience they are creating for consumers, and whether that experience is different enough from their competition.”


The two most important things to consider when posting content on social media

1. Real, Authentic Content

More than ever, people are turned off by advertising and a hard sell approach. Marketers have to spend time to create unique and thoughtful content that their customers relate to. And, this is especially when it comes to Millennials, who are the largest consumer group ever!

2. A strong visual experience

81 percent of consumers research online before engaging with a brand. This means they experience a brand for the first time online and how it comes across visually is critical! See our previous article “Your home page is your shop window

The other issue is that social media is shortening consumer attention spans. Most consumers look at an ad for only two seconds, hardly long enough to process any words. So you have to capture their attention in seconds and that means visually engaging content!


What does this mean for your business’ marketing?

Businesses that use social media marketing well have considered their customers first and foremost. Their interests, their activities, their social media preferences …

So, once you understand your customers, use your visual branding, photography and authentic, jargon free copy to communicate with them. The same message and style should permeate all of your materials and interactions. This then builds authenticity and trust.

Here’s an article we wrote a couple of years ago on content marketing that is still relevant.

By Tangelo Creative on October 27, 2017 

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