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Tips for producing your 2017 Annual Report

We love working on annual reports here at Tangelo and we love when projects run smoothly. So we’ve put together a few tips that you might not have considered to make your annual report job hassle free, look great and be delivered on time.

Clear outline

Getting a clear understanding of the requirements, timeline and deadlines up front are a great way of ensuring a smooth, worry-free process for designing and producing your annual report.

Push the design

An annual report doesn’t need to look dull and boring. It’s an important piece of communication that can be used to promote your organisation and reinforce your brand. So consider investing in an interesting, inspiring design and layout.

Make it visual

Infographics are perfect for turning data into great looking visuals. They are a great way to break up large amounts of text, add interest to the page and convey facts and figures simply. We’ve written more about infographics here.

Interactive pdf

Fewer reports are being printed these days and there are more options for web and digital based options. An interactive pdf for example is a quick and easy way of turning your report into a digital form that can be easily viewed and navigated. These pdf’s can include simple elements like contents page links, links to website pages and emails, or even include embedded videos and animated graphics.

Designing a report for the offshore petroleum safety authority

NOPSEMA annual report

Cover of the recently completed NOPSEMA 2016 Annual Report.

We have just completed the 2016 annual report for NOPSEMA, The National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority.

We were able to utilise existing NOPSEMA logos, colours, fonts and graphic elements as well as introduce a fresh, new look to the report. We developed a new page layout style, a new range of infographics, maps, tables, graphs and graphics, and feature imagery stronger than previously done. The result is a report that still maintains the NOPSEMA brand identity elements, as well as introducing a fresh, updated style.

NOPSEMA annual report

Inside page of the NOPSEMA Report, using infographics and colours from the NOPSEMA suite of colours.

NOPSEMA annual report

Inside page of the Report with colourful, visual graphs and infographics.

NOPSEMA annual report

Inside page showing an infographic of the NOPSEMA regulated waters.

The process was a smooth one, meeting with NOPSEMA to confirm the brief and schedule, as well as present page layout, infographic and graph ideas. Working with them during the process for changes and updates of draft versions. And finally supplying the completed print ready files and web friendly, interactive pdf files, all within the scheduled time and budget.


By Tangelo Creative on May 26, 2017 

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