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Tangelo website design trends for 2018

Tangelo’s top 8 picks for the website design trends in 2018

We’ve been through the news and research about what you’ll see in websites this year. And here are our top picks.

These trends are driven by:

  • businesses and brands wanting to stand out and tell their story in an interesting way
  • and advances in technology – including things like improved screen resolutions, tools that make creating animation easier for non-animators and VR and AR (virtual reality and augmented reality).

1. Bright and bold minimalist design and engaging photographic content

  • Colours will be adventurous and vibrant.
  • Interesting use of typography – with lots of personality and using things like oversize fonts to create impact fonts.
  • Great photography – importantly generic stock photos are out.
  • Pared back design and use of asymmetry in design.


2. Animation

Animation can convey complex ideas in a short amount of time. They bring personality and dynamism to a brand. And of course, they can be fun and engaging.

Micro Animation


3. Interactive content

Content will become more personalised and entertaining, featuring asking users personal questions and then delivering exactly the right resource or product based on how the answers.

4. Increasing emphasis on the user and improving their experience

For the last few years, we’ve heard a lot about designing for user experience and improved UI (user interface).

Aesthetics and ease of use are key. But, this must be based on a real understanding of the target audience(s) of the organisation. What are their needs? What information do they want? What do they and you want them to do with the information? How do they access it – what devices do they use? How do they navigate?
This has to come from research – it can’t be based on assumptions made by the organisation.

5. Consistency across all channels

Brands must really focus on consistency of their message across social media, mobile apps, their website, online ads, etc. The tone, the language used, the visuals and so on need to stay the same.

6. More video

Videos will be used more as part of a brand’s presentation and communication. They can deliver a great deal of information quickly and video content will be in multiple areas of a website

7. Navigation and subtle scrolling

We’ve already starting seeing things like “Sticky Nav” – which means the main navigation menu continues to appear as you scroll down a page. With large amounts of content and long pages this makes the site easier to use.

Another trend is “subtle scrolling” where an image in the background stays constant while the rest of the content scrolls. This helps to reinforce the brand imagery and use of colour and graphics.

parallax scrolling

8. Making the most of mobile devices

In 2017, mobiles overtook desktops for browsing the web. So we will be seeing more focus on clever ways to organise information so it is aesthetically pleasing and intuitive. There will be a strong focus on user experience and micro-interactions.

Google’s research on micro moments and interactions is explained in this article.

As with any trend it’s important not to include it for the sake of including it – it’s got to be right for your website and online marketing. The important take-away is that you have to keep updating your website. As overwhelming as it can seem, you need to keep allocating time and resources to this effort.

By Tangelo Creative on January 12, 2018 

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