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What branding really is – a simple explanation | Tangelo Creative

What branding really is – a simple explanation

I’ve been following Jim Antonopoulos of Tank Studio in Melbourne for a little while. He works with companies to develop their brands and their digital strategies. He’s been honing his craft for over 20 years.

I find Jim’s approach really refreshing because he doesn’t use jargon or vague concepts. So, I was really pleased to see his latest article called “Let’s talk about branding.

In the article Jim explains that lots of designers and business people get the branding wrong because they think it’s just about having a great looking logo and marketing material. But building a meaningful, effective brand is a lot more than that.

You really need to read Jim’s article as it gives a great example of how the Old Clare Hotel in Sydney connects with its customers and authentically communicates its brand.

I like Jim’s words –

“In a 2017 world, brands are built by listening to what our customers, employees, suppliers, stakeholders (read: people) need … Consistently learning what they need, who they are, what they aspire to and why they choose us.
Branding is behaviour, actions and strategies centred around the needs of the customer.”

Is your branding really centred around your customer? If you need help, thinking this through, you might be interested in Bernadette’s Jiwa’s excellent course – the Story Strategy.

Or you can contact us at Tangelo to discuss your organisation’s branding. Our article from earlier this year might help to start you thinking – 10 reasons to review your branding.


Regards, Maryann

Maryann - Tangelo Creative

By Tangelo Creative on May 5, 2017

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